"Soba, So Close"

"Soba, So Close"

Scenic Noodle Making Experience with local Hokkaido Buckwheat!

2,000 yen / person

≪What's included≫

Soba-making course fee (with a meal) , insurance, and consumer tax

"Soba, so close" is an ideal way for you to experience the making of Japanese buckwheat noodle (soba) from scratch. Seasoned instructors make this all-level course suitable for children. You can make it thick like Kishimen noodles. Hand-made soba will taste exceptional! Etambetsu is an area in Asahikawa known to get the lowest temperature in Hokkaido and also it has the biggest temperature range throughout Japan. Buckewheat growing in Etambetsu is known for the high quality and soba chefs all agree on it. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with impressive view of the white flower carpet in the summer and the silver snow carpet in the winter. After the experience, how about driving around Etambetsu? You might find one of the best soft-serve ice cream from a dairy farm.

Tour Detail


All Year Round (except the end of the year and new year holidays)


<Price (tax included)>

2,000 yen (per person)


≪What's included≫

Soba-making course fee (with a meal) , insurance, and consumer tax


<A minimum party required>

2 people


<Useful Items to >

 Apron and Bandana


<Time and Place>

8:00 at Etambetsu Youth Village Youth Center (〒071-1173 Asahikawa Etambetsu Chuo) Google map


<Tour Conductor>




Please make your reservation 3 days in advance (2 days with special assistance)



Credit Card in advance or cash on the day


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